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Alterations   Guidelines

  1. Bring the shoes and undergarments you will wear with your gown to every fitting. If you don't, or change your shoes or undergarments, this may result in additional charges for altering the dress accordingly.

  2. Be close to your wedding weight and physical shape by the time of your first fitting. Major changes in weight or body shape may result in additional charges for altering the dress accordingly.

  3. If you can not make your appointment on time, call to see if you need to reschedule for another time.

  4. Alterations may take one or several fittings.  Patience is required with each step we go through. If allowed, I will continue to work on your gown until you are happy with your entire dress.

  5. Alterations/washing will change your dress Don't expect the dress to look like before pictures after being washed or altered.

Hems- $50-450

Fit- $50-350

Bra Cups- $20/pair

Bustle- $10 per point

Bridal Gown Pricing

Bridesmaid/Formal Dress Pricing

Hems- $20-200

Fit- $20-200

Bra Cups- $20/pair

Redesigning Your Wedding Gown-

Express Your Unique Self

Is your wedding gown close, but not quite your perfect dress? Do you wish your dress had couture features? Or do you want to wear your mother's wedding dress for sentimental reasons, but it doesn't fit or it's not your style? Then redesigning might be for you.


What is redesigning?  It is taking an already-made gown and changing it to have features of your dream dress. Examples of redesigning a gown include but are not limited to:


  • Add a lace-up back

  • Make a gown strapless

  • Add or remove sleeves

  • Make a ball gown into an A-line or sheath

  • Change the shape of a neckline or a backline

  • Raise or lower a neckline or a backline

  • Add or remove a train

  • Make a lower skirt or petticoat removable

  • Add or remove a light translucent layer

  • Add or remove buttons, flowers, beads


Why would you redesign a gown? If you can't afford that couture gown you love, make a less expensive gown look like that couture gown.  A redesigned gown takes less time to create than a dress from pattern.Also it is less risky to redesign a gown because you already know the dress's basic shape, fabric and color.


How do you get started redesigning a gown?  First, buy a dress that has something you love, the color, the fabric, the top or the skirt. Or, pull your mother's gown out of storage.  Find pictures of features of gowns you love like sleeves, neckline, skirt shape, etc.  Bring the dress and pictures to me to get a time and cost estimate.  If extra fabric is necessary, remember to add the cost of fabric in your budget.  Be patient as the dress goes through different phases, maybe not looking the way you expect at every fitting.  Finally, expect extra fittings with redesigning a gown.  It will eventually become the dress of your dreams.


Additional benefits:  With a redesigned gown, you can also have a custom matching veil, wrap or garter designed from left over fabric or trim.  You can add color to your dress to tie your dress in perfectly with the theme of your wedding. You will end up with a ONE OF A KIND GOWN,  just for you.


Finally, this is a fun process.  Relax and enjoy the changes in your one-of-a-kind gown. You will walk down the aisle in your dream dress.

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